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PLASTICOS BOULEVARES SRL is a family business located in the city of Cordoba, Argentina. It`s industrial and commercial activities began in the 70’s.

Since 1974, PLASTICOS BOULEVARES SRL has achieved unparalleled knowledge and experience in the manufacture of plastic containers, starting with injection, then film extrusion and currently thermoforming, having as main goal the care and safety of its staff, its customers, its suppliers and the environment. That is why it is recognized and valued in the industrial market as both reseller packages.

Incorporating the latest technology, innovative designs, certifications management standards of quality and food safety and ongoing training of all its human resources, has gained significant market share year after year. Plus, the teamwork, and the monitor and control of all processes have enabled it to obtain substantial improvements in productivity and efficiency thus becoming more competitive.

PLASTICOS BOULEVARES SRL considers the customer as purpose and main engine of the company so it always focuses on meeting their needs. It meets requirements to satisfy both the domestic market and foreign market.

With 40 years of experience in the pursuit of continuous improvement and excellence, enables it to produce packaging with the qualities necessary for the preservation and demonstration of products, without neglecting the ecology, because all the raw materials used are 100% recoverable.

In 1995 the owners of PLASTICOS BOULEVARES SRL opened in La Rioja Capital the GUALCO SA Company, also engaged in the manufacture of thermoformed plastic packaging for food with the same philosophy and values.

The synergy between these two companies allows a greater development of new products and ensures the satisfaction of the needs of current and potential customers.

"PLASTICOS BOULEVARES SRL and GUALCO SA elaborate packaging your product stand out".

TUV Certificacion BPM segun Codex Alimentarius

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